Violin & Voice Lessons

with Emma Back


Teaching Philosophy:

My passion is for inspiring creativity and self-expression in others.  I believe music is one of the most powerful tools to develop one’s sense of wholeness, personal power, and self expression. Because good technique provides the foundation for this kind of full musical expression, I emphasize developing a clear kinesthetic understanding of how to execute each musical moment integrated with deep listening skills, music theory (at appropriate age) and playfully exploring the vast possibilities of style and sound.

I aspire to nurture students in unlocking their true voice within through experimental sound explorations, improvisation and exposing them to music from a variety of cultures, time periods and geographical locations.

Children will be encouraged to learn at their own pace, to practice at home, discover their own expression and celebrate their accomplishments.  The class environment will be one of collaboration, inspiration and helping each other learn, discover and explore.


Emma Back is a professional singer, songwriter, violinist and multi-instrumentalist with a background in classical violin and voice, composition, improvisation, and world folk music. She has been playing violin, singing and performing for over 20 years and has been an educator and coach for the past 7 years, teaching private music lessons and leading group programs for children and adults in Boulder CO, San Francisco CA and Central Vermont. She holds a B.A. in music from Naropa University and has been a teacher at the Orchard Valley Waldorf school and a guest teacher with Girls Rock. Emma grew up in Vermont, studying violin with Mary Gibson, Ruth Einstein and Julia Ainsworth. As a young person, she played with the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, the Green Mountain Youth Symphony and sang with Village Harmony. Emma has toured extensively throughout the US as well as played in England, Israel and France with various music projects including the Cameron Powers Project (Greek & Turkish music) the Inquiry (Folk-Rock), Neva Tehilla (Sacred Jewish Music) and as guest violinist for a new original jazz musical. For the past 4 years, her main performance focus has been her solo Live-Looping project. She released her debut full length record, produced by local musician Colin McCaffrey in May 2018 and continues to tour around the US around her teaching schedule. Visit www.emmabackmusic for more info. Emma is also the founder of She Sings Out Loud where she helps aspiring women singers and performers discover and develop their true voice and own the stage with feminine power (

photo by Drea Tremols

photo by Drea Tremols