Lesson Packages

First time here?

Wondering which package is right for you?

Curious to see if we are good fit?

12 Week Lesson Series

  • 12 lessons paid in full over a 3-4 month semester with breaks for holidays, school vacations and my occasional travel dates.

  • Winter 2019 Semester begins January 13th and runs through May 30th.

  • 2 make up lessons between May 19th and 30th in case you need to miss a lesson (minimum of 48 hour cancelation notice required).

  • Priority scheduling for the best times that work for your family.

Recommended for:

  • Those who are inspired and excited to learn and invested in the possibilities of longterm growth. This is for the student who learns best with ongoing support tailored to specific needs and unique strengths. This is for the students who thrives on the consistency of building a strong teacher-student relationship to motivate, inspire connect with the joy of music making and celebrate triumphs!

*A registration deposit is required 1 month before the start of each semester and payment is due in full 1 week before the start of each semester. 2 make up lessons are offered for lessons canceled with 48 hour notice. All lessons must be made up within the designated semester start and end dates.


Monthly Package -

4 consecutive lessons

  • 12 lessons over 3-months, paid on a monthly basis.

Recommended for :

  • Those who want regular lessons but for whom monthly payments is a better fit.

  • Those who are not yet ready to commit to a full semester of lessons but feel excited to dive with weekly lessons.

  • Those who begin lessons mid semester.

  • Beginning violin students who understand that it takes at least a few lessons to really begin to know if violin is for them.

*Payment is due on the first of each month. Lessons must be completed within a 5 weeks period following a 48 hour cancelation policy. Months are pro-rated to account for school vacations, summer camp and vacation schedules and Emma’s travel dates.

Single Lesson

Recommended for:

  • First time students to see if we are a good fit.

  • students in a current group class with me

  • Continuing students for whom more occasional lessons are a better fit.

  • Those wanting to "brush up" on technique, learn a single tune or get support for a specific events such as an upcoming performance.

  • Students who’s schedule does not allow for weekly lessons.

*Payment due upon scheduling. 48 hour cancelation policy.

Semester Series (12 Lessons)

~ 30 Minute lessons


Semester Series (12 Lessons)

~ 45 Minute Lessons


Semester Series (12 Lessons)

~ 60 Minute Lessons



monthly Package (4 Lessons)

~ 30 minute lessons 


Monthly Package (4 lessons)

~ 45 Minute Lessons


monthly Package (4 lessons)

~ 60 minute lessons 


Single Lesson

~ 30 minutes

$45 Each

Single LEsson

~ 45 Minutes

$55 Each

Single lesson

~ 60 minutes

$65 Each